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I was just placed into removal proceedings before the EOIR Immigration Court. What happens at the first hearing?

A person is placed into removal proceedings when a Notice to Appear is issued against them. The Notice to Appear will state the allegations against the person and the charge under which the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is seeking to have to person removed from the U.S. At the first master hearing, the Immigration Judge will read the allegations and charge of removability against the person and ask the person if they want to enter a plea or have time to hire an attorney. The Department of Homeland Security may also present any evidence that they have to support the allegations at this time if the person denies the allegations against them. If a translator is necessary at the hearing, the Immigration Court will provide one either in person or by telephone. A person may hire an attorney to represent them in removal proceedings, but the Immigration Court will not pay for the expense to hire the attorney. However, the immigration attorney can help the person determine if he or she has any relief from removal available.

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