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How can I obtain status as a legal permanent resident?

The most common way to obtain permanent resident status is by filing an application for adjustment of status with either USCIS or the EOIR Immigration Court. Typically, an application for adjustment of status is filed along with an immigrant visa petition that has already been approved on the person’s behalf, although there are times when a person can file for adjustment of status at the same time that an immigrant visa petition is filed on their behalf. There are also other circumstances that may arise, which allow a person to apply for adjustment of status on another basis before USCIS or file an application for cancellation of removal and adjustment of status in the Immigration Court. A person could also seek overseas processing at a U.S. Embassy abroad if they are eligible for an immigrant visa. Due to the complexity of immigration law, a person should seek advice from an attorney if they believe that they are eligible to adjust their status to that of a legal permanent resident or want to find out if it is possible to become eligible for adjustment.

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