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Do I have a right to appeal?

If your petition or application was denied by USCIS, you may be eligible to appeal the denial to the Board of Immigration Appeals, Administrative Appeals Office, or EOIR Immigration Court; however, where you file your appeal depends upon the type of application and whether you have grounds to file an appeal.

If your case was denied by the EOIR Immigration Court and you have grounds for appeal, then you have 30 days to file your appeal with the Board of Immigration Appeals. If your case is subsequently denied by the Board of Immigration Appeals, you may be eligible to appeal the decision to the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals that has jurisdiction over your case.

An immigration attorney can advise of any grounds that exist for appeal, changes in the law, and relief that was previously unavailable to the person at the time of their last hearing, as well as filing the required documentation to preserve a person’s rights on appeal.

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